Well hello!

Are you a store owner ready to turn excess product into profit?


Are you a store owner who...

  • Has too much inventory and your cash flow is suffering?
  • Has inventory sitting, but worried you'll lose money if you put it on sale?
  • Want to take back control of your store, your inventory and your cashflow?

You need the...

Clearance Sale Secrets Guide

...a digital download revealing how to move the most old inventory, while keeping the most $$$


Move More Inventory - Keep More Profit

Those points above - That was me! My account was drained and vendors were calling me for payments I didn't have. There were days I just felt like crying. I kept working harder, but my situation just didn't get any better.

Until I realized the mistakes I was making. Mistakes that robbed me of the profit I was striving for.

I started studying consumer psychology. I tested, analyzed, then tweaked the results until I finally had the exact steps to run a consistently successful clearance sale. Season after season. The Clearance Sale Secrets Guide is a proven method that helps you:

+ Become a store with the right kind of fresh inventory, at the right time
+ Free up cash stuck in old and/or excess inventory

+ So you can buy the kind of inventory your customers actually want

And now you can apply this method to your next clearance sale!

Retail expert Cathy Donovan Wagner shares how you can clear out excess inventory to free up cash

What is it?


It's time to take control of your inventory and your cash flow. To move into the next season in the best cash position possible. RETAILMavens Clearance Sale Secrets is your plan, your roadmap and your vehicle to make sure you reach that destination.


RETAILMavens Clearance Sale Secrets is a self study digital program which you get immediate access to so you can start your most successful clearance sale ever, right now!


From in-store signs to Canva templates, pricing print-outs to team meeting agenda and bonus worksheets - everything you need to get started NOW and save time!


Each Module features an exact strategy to free up cash stuck in old and/or excess inventory. Short but powerful information maximizes your profits during your sale!


You're busy! Use the simple and specific Action Checklist in each module to quickly get prepped for your sale, and take control of your store, your inventory and your profit!

Ready To Move Your Inventory & Put Cash In Your Pocket?

I know it's scary to spend money when you're already struggling. To take the leap and trust that a program like this will make a difference.

But you can't stay where you are now. It's not sustainable. You wouldn't be here if you didn't know that too. And not only is it not sustainable, but it's getting a little worse, every season.

It's time to make a change.

Cathy gave me just ONE TIP that increased my sales by $2,453 and her other idea helped me finally get rid of the Christmas ornaments that have been sitting in my basement for so long - and I got money for them!


What it includes

When you buy the Clearance Sale Secrets guide you'll get access to:

  • Program PDF with step-by-step instructions on everything from what markdowns to take on which products, the length of your sale, how to market it and how to merchandise it in your store and on your website
  • Worksheet PDF with bonus printable templates, markdown cheat-sheets and checklists

You'll also get access to these time-saving + revenue generating bonuses:

  • BONUS: Canva templates for social media posts and stories
  • BONUS: A website and social media review to learn what to do and what not to do when marketing your clearance sale
  • BONUS: How to create & sell Mystery Bags during your sale to move even the slowest moving duds (your customers loves these)!


We've got A's for your Q's

Is RETAILMavens Clearance Sale Secrets geared towards online stores as well as brick and mortar stores?

Yes, the inventory strategies we teach apply to both online and brick and mortar stores. E-commerce stores have to keep their inventory fresh and clear out old stuff too, right? 
Online stores follow the same process for best success, the implementation is just a bit different. The worksheets are more geared for brick and mortar because of what's involved in running that type of business. 
But ALL retail needs to follow the scientific inventory strategies we teach in order to make the most sales and profit from your inventory purchases.

Cash is tight, I'm worried about spending more right now?

I understand, I was there too. But if what you're doing right now isn't working, continuing on this path will only make things worse.
This program was designed to bring you the cash you need. But in a strategic way so you don't erode your profit margins and deplete your best sellers.
That means you will keep more of the money you earn and move out the stale inventory that is tying up your cash. 
The secrets you will learn will pay for this program many times over, starting with the very first time you run your clearance sale.
And once you buy it, it's yours to use over, and over again. Rinse and repeat. Every season. This is one investment that will keep bringing you returns every time you use it.

What if it doesn't work for me?

The stakes are high, I know. You stand to lose a lot if you can't turn things around. That's why I tested this program with hundreds of store owners like you (including myself), with every type of store (maker stores, gift stores, clothing stores, toy stores, shoe stores and many more). If you follow my steps. It will work. In fact, I am so confident it will work for you, that I'm willing to guarantee it with my 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

I'm already juggling so many things, I don't know if I have time to learn a whole new process?

I get it. Store owners are the hardest working people I know! I was one too. That's why I designed this program to be easy to digest and quick to implement.
Each module is short and to the point. Leaving you lots of time to take action.
The Action Checklist in each module keep you focused on the most important things you should do next.
And once you have run your first clearance sale using my this strategy, you'll know exactly what to do next time!